Start-Stop Memory Module


Start-Stop Memory Module


Short Description

The Stop-Start system ( Start-Stop, ISG, i-Stop, Eco-mode ) is always active when you start the car. Even if it is disabled, with new car start it reactivates automatically. After the installation of our memory module: With every engine start, the module is backing up the last saved setting of Stop-Start system. ( If the Stop-Start system is deactivated, it stays disabled until it is activated by the driver again! If Stop-Start system is activated again, it stays active until it is deactivated by the driver. )

If you have a car with Stop-Start (Start-Stop, Stop and Go (ISG), i-Stop, ECO-mode ) function, and don't want to auto shut off the engine every time, because the climate (AC) is shutting down, and it is bad for starter motor, battery, turbo, etc.. (The starter motor is expensive) here is the solution!

This unit is memorising the state of Stop-Start system, and when you starting the engine next time, automatically activate the Stop-Start function itself, but this unit backing up the last state.

If last time was activated: --> After engine start, do nothing.., because the car is automatically activate the Stop-Start function.

If last time was deactivated: --> After engine start, the unit wait 4 seconds, and "virtually pushing the factory button" to deactivate the system again.

This solution is good for new cars, because no need to touch the ecu flash, or anything else, no need to cut any wires as well.
No void the car warranty⚠️


If your car is new, and you don't want to worry about what happens when the car is going to service, you can completely switch off the unit (with the factory fitted Start-Stop off / deactivate button), so this function will be hidden for everyone, except you! ( It means, looks like the module is uninstalled from the car. )

Just press the factory Stop-Start button for 5 seconds for Enter/Exit to/from Service Mode!
( So easy! 🙂 )

This function will make the unit invisible for any service, and car- diagnostic as well!

How It Works: